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So much more than a tefl certificate.

American English TEFL provides you with training, support, and guidance you need to succeed as an English language teacher.

Benefit of being a small business.


We're not a big corporation, therefore we're more personable than our competitors. We will get to know you and you will get to know us on a personal level allowing us to customize your tefl experience to your needs.

Get top-notch support from an experienced language and culture educator that started at tefl and went on to gain higher certifications and achievements.

We know the industry secrets that the big names won't tell you, how to become a top paid language teacher, how to utilize your experiences from abroad to land your dream job when you return home, how to become your own boss and find students on your own, plus so much more.

Build a network of global teachers and opportunities.


We'll help you gain access to an international group of English language teachers and learners from all over the world to build a network you can leverage to find lucrative job opportunities and students. 

Easy-to-use learning platform.

Dynamic content, instructional videos, practice quizzes, downloadables, and more are jam packed into the course material on the learning platform. Plus you can complete your course on any device!

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